For those who
truly love.

For the Swiss insurance company Zurich Versicherung, Loftlabs produced a 30-second commercial that draws attention to the range of premiums for accident-free driving.

The perfect match.

The matching system developed by Loftlabs works free of charge and with a great chance of targeted hits. It saves both companies and managers a lot of time and work.

Online Spot SEAT Alhambra


Your physio and fitness coach.

iOS & Android App, Go2Market


Commercial Production

Opener for "The Voice of Switzerland"

The power of a good gift idea.

Concept, Production

Bugatti Chiron World Premiere.


Magento 2.2.x and belt configurator

The absolute unique selling point of Alexander Wilser’s handmade belts is the individual combination of the individual components according to your own taste. Therefore, we at Loftlabs integrated a configurator on the homepage we developed, which allows the user to compose his unique and personalized belt.