The Interim Manager

The interim solution that fits your requirements -
based on quality and fairness - for the best forces on the market.


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The Interim Manager


Full Service

Development of an innovative matching system.

The matching system developed by emvau works free of charge and with a great chance of targeted hits. It saves both companies and managers a lot of time and work. Based on a detailed database, both sides are only matched if there is a high degree of agreement, which ensures a high probability of a successful placement – both for national and international projects. The discrete and confidential handling of user data is of course ensured. A telephone support service has been set up for questions during the profiling process.

I am an "interimer"

Your projects always in your pocket.

With the innovative app, projects and co. can be administered in no time at all. The user-friendly interface invites you to linger and makes the business life of an interim manager easier.